March 19, 2014

Was in Sydney for five days last week for an athletics competition, I had a spare day and couldn't think of a better way to spend it then down at Bondi! First picture is the Ryde Parramatta Golf Course. Followed by the street art along the walkway at Bondi. 'The Kiss' by Alana Williams is going to be a huge inspiration for my art this year! Finally an iconic Iceberg's photo. Had a great time, also bought a few new items I will put up in a post at the end of the month. Hope all is well. 


  1. ahh these photos are all so lovely! were you there for nationals? whenever I get to visit we always stay with family in the northern beaches, so I never get a good exploring holiday!

    1. Ah yes I was :) I'm yet to visit the northern beaches, they look so lovely! xxx

  2. This is a lovely! I love Sydney so much. I love the street art in Bondi, doesn't quite match what melbs has to offer but it's pretty close! Hahah I hope you had a wonderful time. xxx

  3. Love Sydney! Hope to go there soon!


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